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Located in Chesterfield County, SwimRVA serves the Greater Richmond area as a catalyst for regional aquatics and community-wide focus on water safety, health & fitness, sports tourism and competitive swimming.  We offer swimming lessons, water aerobics, aqua running, water polo, CPR & lifeguard certification courses, masters swimming, warm water therapy pool, land fitness classes, and youth triathlon training.

Check out Courtney Paulk's amazing CATALINA SWIM!!  Click here...

SwimRVA is proud to be a Make-A-Splash partner.  The USA Swimming Foundation partners with Learn-To-Swim providers nationwide to offset the cost of swimming lessons and educate the community about the importance of learning to swim.  For more information please check out the website: www.usaswimmingfoundation.org/makeasplash


SwimRVA would like to say thank you to our following sponsors:


SwimRVA 10K Challenge

The 2017 SwimRVA 10K Challenge, in conjunction with the Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10K, will take place on Sunday April 2nd at 1 PM. 


If you competed in the 10K running event, now try your hand in the POOL!  Are you ready for the SwimRVA 10K?  Team up with your friends, family, or neighbors to see if you can complete 25 loops of SwimRVA's unique 400 meter "open water" style course.


In this challenge you will be asked to complete up to 25 x 400 Meter LOOPS of our uniquely designed open-water formatted pool design for a total of 10,000 meters (10K).  Enjoy crystal clear water swims with the feel of open-water swimming.



Date:  Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

Time:  1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Cost structure is based on team entry.  Teams may be 1 -5 persons:

        *  Team "Captain" Registration Fee:  $50

        *  Each Swimmer (up to 5):  $30/person

        EXAMPLE:  Team of 4 = $50(initial team registration) + $120(4 persons at $30/person) = $170 TOTAL


There will be prizes for each division.  Divisions will be SOLO, PAIR, or RELAY.

1.  RELAY (Team of 3, 4, or 5):  Take turns completing each circuit.  Tag team the SwimRVA 10K Challenge until all 25 LOOPS are complete.  Only 1 swimmer per team in water at a time.  HOW FAST CAN YOUR TEAM SWIM A 10K!  We hope your run is faster, if NOT then we want you to join our SwimRVA Swim Team or Peluso Open Water Masters Swim Team as soon as possible! :) :)   

2.  PAIR (Team of 2):  Take the tandum approach with only 2 poeple.  Be sure to choose the right partner!  How long can your team of 2 complete the SwimRVA 10K Challenge?

2.  SOLO (Team of 1):  Take on the Challenge by yourself.  Do you have what it takes?  Remember, no flip-turns in our one-of-a-kind "open water" indoor course.



SUPER AWESOME prizes will be awarded for top fundraising teams!

1.  As you register your team, you will set up a fundraising page in CrowdRise(SwimRVA 10K Registration Page).  HAVE FUN WITH IT!  You can name your team whatever you want.  

2. Each fundraising team can have as many volunteer fundraising TEAMMATES as possible.

3.  Build your team, set your goal, and fundraise!

4.  All proceeds go toward SwimRVA's LEARN-TO-SWIM program.  Together we are making Richmond safe, healthier, and a more thriving region to live work and play!